Banjee Ball is an artist-run, vogue/runway experience thrown by the music/dance duo Purple Crush. Since its founding in 2013, it has become a hub for the LA ballroom community by creating space for LGBTQIA+ performers to hone their talent and share it with Los Angeles. Banjee Ball’s Host Legendary Isla Ebony also provides creative direction and curation on ballroom events, including collaborations with The Broad Museum, The City of West Hollywood, MOCA, Neuehouse Hollywood, and multiple Pride Festivals. 

Ballroom Culture was birthed in Harlem in early/mid 1900s from Drag Pageant Balls. Due to racism in the Downtown New York Balls, Black and Latino artists started their own events uptown. As the decades passed, more categories were created to be inclusive of all gender identities and creative expressions. Prominent Categories include: Vogue, Runway, Sex Siren, Face, Body, and Realness, with gender breakdowns such as Femme Queen (trans women), Butch Queen, and Women.

Voguing is a dance form that evolved out of mimicking models in Vogue Magazine. The dance has evolved into separate categories such as Old Way, New Way and Vogue Femme, as well as reached mainstream exposure with artists like Madonna, Beyonce, and Rihanna.

Purple Crush, shot by @rybproductions

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